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Twitch Stream from GoodTimes by Edjka1985 and HandOfGod
Edjka1985 is currently not streaming !
HandOfGod is currently not streaming !
[Posted by Gergo].
PVP King : Mo0ody
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Nov-2].
Time change
The time has changed in Europe to Daylight saving time, and the clock went backwards 1 hour. Please keep in mind if your country doesn't use Daylight saving the events will be 1 hour before than usual.
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Oct-25].
Play the Wheel of Fortune
Now you can play Wheel of Fortune for silks ! Each spin costs 10 silks, and you can win 5, 10 or 25 silks back. We will add more features soon like : daily jackpot, custom spin cost etc.
Click here to start the game
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Oct-14].
Guild from GoodTimes : HighDistrict
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Oct-9].
Guild from GoodTimes : ForceMajeure
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Aug-19].