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Servers status : 23:15:00
90Cap - GoodTimes (391 players)
Exp/Sp: 15x
Item: 10x
Gold: 5x
SOX Drop: 4x
Hotan : Rebellion
PVP King : Ireplaceable
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Feb-9].
Guild from GoodTimes : Rebellion
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Feb-4].
Guild from GoodTimes : SPECIES
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Jan-16].
Guild from GoodTimes : RedBulls
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Jan-6].
More events/Automated events
We are going to add some more events, most of them will be automated. It will include automatic Hide n Seek, Lucky Party Number, Last Man Standing, Trivia, Kill the GM and Alchemy event. We will test them in the next few days, and then it will be added.
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Jan-2].