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90Cap - GoodTimes (453 players)
Exp/Sp: 15x
Item: 10x
Gold: 5x
SOX Drop: 4x
Hotan : TheConjuring
Twitch Stream from GoodTimes by Edjka1985 and HandOfGod
Edjka1985 is currently not streaming !
HandOfGod is currently not streaming !
[Posted by Gergo].
PVP King : Mo0ody
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Apr-27].
Guild from GoodTimes : ForceMajeure
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Aug-19].
Guild from GoodTimes : Phantasia
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Jun-11].
Guild from GoodTimes : Optimum
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Mar-30].
Time change in Europe
Tonight the time changed in Europe due to the daylight saving time began and the clocks were set 1 hour forward, so the server time changed as well. If the time remains the same in your country that means everything (events, fortresswar, etc) is 1hour early now. Please keep in mind.
[Posted by Gergo at 2015-Mar-29].